Inspired (Chapter 2)
Newsflash! You continue to inspire the holy mother of pearl out of me. I am a suspicious person who apparently needs a pony. And I seem to have A SHERLOCK BOOK available for pre-order.

    ~ Inspired

Minutiae (Chapter 55)
Sherlock did not mean to be a big baby that terrible November. As a matter of fact he tried suffering in a noble, they-make-statues-lauding-you-after type of silence.

But when Sherlock gets the flu, Sherlock's joints fill with broken glass and even a hairbrush makes his skin hive up sore. Which is why...

    ~ Minutiae

No one gets far without help. Win the Nobel, get a BAFTA, earn a BA in circus performance (yes, there is one) and it's certain someone somewhere gave you inspiration, a push, a kind word. Someone helped, whether a little or a lot.

Here's a wee bit about how you helped me...

    ~ Inspired

Minutiae 54
John recently received eight marriage proposals in one day. Two came via his blog, one on his mobile, and five to Channel 4.

While John thought the entire thing a giggling lark, two of those proposals in particular left Sherlock with a great deal to say on the matter, including...

    ~ Minutiae 54

Keeping It Loki (Ch. 6)
A lover's fingertip running through the notch at her throat can make a woman wet.

A gaze sweeping slow from eyes to chest to hip can make a man hard.

And the delicate press of one human man's fingertips placed soft against his mouth can take a god to his knees.

    ~ Keeping It Loki

There are six regular posters to The Science of Deduction forum. Most leave comments nitpicking Sherlock's methods or conclusions, his morals or his manners. Of course Sherlock replies to these. In detail. The day they're posted.

But John Watson's praise? To that Sherlock has not responded once.

    ~ Fan (The Day They Met)

Keeping It Loki (Ch. 5)
In his dream Sherlock wondered if his dream was over. That would make a great deal of sense for a wet dream, being as the wet had been achieved, but Sherlock was pretty sure this wasn't just a dream about sex. He knew things had so meandered that surely it was one of those dreams in which his mind was trying to 'tell him something.'

Sherlock wondered if pretending he was deaf would work against his own subconscious. He did not have long to wonder because...

      Keeping It Loki

Minutiae (Or 156 Things I Know About You)
Baby Sherlock had a dusting of dark hair, a chubby face, and upswept eyes.

And yes Mycroft was captivated by the heat lightning he could see firing in that tiny head. It was no hardship caring for the infant and father more than once had to pry Sherlock from Mycroft's own plump little seven-year-old fingers…except. Except.

Except when the baby would...

      Minutiae (Or 156 Things I Know About You)

Hot Seat
In that narrow aisle Sherlock did what Sherlock does: Exactly what he wanted.

And what he wanted was to stare down at his sandy-haired seat mate and flick-flick-flick past the obvious—military, doctor, alone—to observe the less obvious: This small, silent man thrived under fire. Oh how interesting.

      The Day They Met: Hot Seat

Minutiae (Or 156 Things I Know About You): Ch. 52
Sherlock generally does not swear. He employs the occasional damn for emphasis, but John is enough foul-mouthed for two, thank you.

There is, however, one occasion upon which Sherlock blasphemed himself blue, and that was not the time he set his dressing gown on fire, it was not the time he dropped his laptop on his big toe and somehow broke the laptop, it was…

  ~ Minutiae: Chapter 52


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