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It's Improbable…So It Must Be the Truth!
(Amending the post of 221b_hound just a little for my own nefarious purposes.)

Sorry I haven't been here in such a long time. I post all my fanfic direct to AO3, as double-posting was taking too much time, and now between work, college, posting on AO3 plus multiple blogs, I can't keep up with everything.

But there is some news I’m really excited about, so if I still show up on your goes:

I now write for the newly-formed imprint Improbable Press, and am its acquisitions editor.

The first books by Improbable will be my The Six Secret Loves of Sherlock Holmes and All The Difference by verityburns and The Adventure of the Colonial Boy by 221b_hound.

If you'd like to Like Improbable’s Facebook page please do! You can also sign up to the newsletter to be kept abreast of publications and competitions. You can also keep up with Improbable on Tumblr, Twitter.

By the way, The Six Secret Loves of Sherlock Holmes can be added to your wishlist at or Thank you so very much!

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I will now proceed to run around in dizzy circles proclaiming "IT'S CHRISTMAS!" until a sexy army doctor, or at least you and Verity, decide to tear around London with me, solving crimes. or something.

LET US SOLVE CRIME. With naked side-kicks. Boys of course. Pretty, pretty boys.

Failing that - LET US COMMIT CRIME! CLEVER, CLEVER CRIME! But we'll keep the pretty naked boy sidekicks.

Oh my God. You've posted something on LJ. I can use my Atlin icon once again. :D


Sherlock adjusted his peas!

Once again, you are adored.

I'm so happy for you Atlin! Awesome news! *doeshappy dance*
I signed up for the email updates through FB so I won't miss any goodies! Again so happy for you! *hugs* :)

Hello wonderful you, thank you thank you much!

All that's been happening lately makes me kinda want to wave my arms around in a flailing fashion and holler to everyone within earshot, "If you want to write doooo eeet! Who knows what will happen! I &^%##%%^ sure didn't!"

Instead I am politely saying thank yooou!

Hi Atlin me again*blush*
Sorry tobother you but I checked on Amazon and both sites say your bookis unavailable :( Do you have any idea when your book and the ones by Verityburns & 221b_Hound will be available from Improbable? Thanks and congrats again! :)

My book will be available October 2015 (September 2015 if you come to the Baker Street Vienna con!), we hope Verity's will be out February 2016, then "The Night They Met" from me May 2016, and finally 221b_Hound's book "The Adventure of the Colonial Boy," will be out August 2016. A book from Improbable Press every quarter at least!

Thanks for that question, now I must answer it on Facebook!

Edited at 2015-05-19 05:59 pm (UTC)

Vienna??! Like Vienna Austria?! Holy Sh*t! I SO wish I could go to that Con! Oh who am I kidding I'd love to go to ALL the Cons! Unfortuanately I'm stuck in boring Canada without the funds to travel! *sighs unhappily*
Are you going? If so if I send you my address could you send me a postcard I'd die to have one from a Sherlock event in Vienna!*swoons happily at the thought*

Vienna as in Austria! I've not been there so I'm a touch excited. And all the cons indeed! And yes, yes, send me your address over on my Atlin Tumblr Ask and I will do my best to send you a postcard. Especially if you remind me closer to the tiiiiime!

This is so great! How did it come about?

Thank you my dear! It came about because I pitched a book that turned into the new stories of The Day They Met and, at the book's wee release party one of my publishers came along and I pitched a Sherlock Holmes erotica book to him.

He liked the idea so much he created an imprint of the publishing company and Verity Burns was brilliant enough to dub it Improbable Press and here we are. IP will specialise in your regular ol' John Watson and Sherlock Holmes mysteries, only there will also be slightly less 'regular ol'' romance or erotica. *Wheeee!*

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