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Sherlock Advent Calendar 2014

So on AO3 I'm writing a quick-and-dirty Sherlock Advent Calendar in the next nine days. Below are the images I'll be using.

Also, here is where I'll let interested folks know when "The Day They Met" comes out because AO3 won't allow me to do that.

Kindly enjoy the Atlin I'm Writing As Fast As I Can Merrick Advent calendar for 2014. Happy and merry to you all.


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Excellent idea! Especially because of the pictures...jajjajaja! What a crazy mix!!!
I found the last one (strawberry-penis-shaped) and the one with the man with the tatoo on his leg (are you thinking about John or Sherlock there? I'm thinking Jhon)amazing!!!!

Sorry for so long between this comment and my reply and, well, as it happens, I did write about the tattoo one! You can find it heeeere A Model Husband along with the rest of the stories!

Thank you for reading, Yuki Nechan!

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