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Skullduggery (Chapter 2)
Chapter 1

Oh good god!

Please, I love Mrs. Hudson to tears, I honestly do, but her timing today is atrocious.

She's come and fetched me again and for the love of Pete now is just not the time. I desperately need to talk to Sherlock. I really do. And John. But mostly Sherlock, because boy genius is being the exact opposite and if I had arms honestly, I would thrash him.

(Then again, I probably wouldn't. He would like it. (But that's another story. Several of them. I'm not sure you want to know.))

Anyway, speaking of liking it, that's why Mrs. Hudson sneaks into 221B and steals me. It's because she loves that rangy rat I live with, the one I am so mad at that I could just thra—

Right, yes. Focus.

Mrs. Hudson takes me because she knows it drives Sherlock mad and she knows that anything that gets his brain in a lather is better than his boredom. And when I go missing, he lathers, believe me.

I don't say that out of vanity (well yes I do), but I'm his…well I'm not exactly sure. Good side? Conscience? Moral center? All I know is I'm not just a bodyless lump of calcium, sodium, and phosphorus to Sherlock Holmes. I'm someone he can talk to. I'm someone he listens to. I'm his friend.


Lord. Seriously. I have never met anyone in my life who gets as side-tracked as I do. My point, and I am trying desperately to make one, is that Mrs. Hudson spirits me away periodically not because I squick her out, but because Sherlock's ensuing hunt for me is a diversion for everyone—especially SH.

(Let me just say that when you have no arms and no legs and technically not much of anything else, you do what you can with what you have. I have a mouth, so to speak, and I use it. That means if there's usually one word for something, I'll have eight. Opinions? Theories? Witticisms? I have thousands. Words: They're all I can have. So Sherlock? He's many things to me: Sherlock. SH. Boy genius. That Idiot I Live With. Soldier's boy. And Tall Drink of Water—Drink for short. Anyway, just clarifying. So. Moving on.)

Now, here I sit, in Mrs. Hudson much nicer flat, but this is just the worst time in the world to be here. I really need to be back at 221B because a Big Deal is going on over there and you know as well as I do that The Boys can barely figure out what's for dinner without me, much less—

A knock!

Oh, cross your fingers for me because I need that to be Sherlock. Or John. Or both. Oh…if it's both I could die happy.

And…no. It was just Mr. Carlton delivering a few groceries Beth needed. (Liz. Elizabeth. Lizzie. Ella-Bell. Bell. Hudson. My Dear Girl.)

Well there's nothing I can do from here, obviously, except calm down and wait. My dear girl hasn't even hidden me this time, so if Sherlock would just come looking, he'll find me in a tick and I can try and fix this huge Sherlock-shaped mess he's gotten himself into. Again.

How does he do it? How does he keep doing it is what I want to know.


While we wait, I'll finish the introductions, shall I?

I've already told you the non-essentials: Therapist…moved to London from America when I was twenty-two…died at forty-two…met Sherlock soon thereafter.

My name is Aurora Aurelia Abbington and yes, I hear your collective gasp from here. I know you thought I was male but I can't imagine why. Do you think a straight bloke would have written such a blow-by-blow (pun intended) account of my boys and their journey from flatmates to friends to fuck buddies? (I say fuck buddies just because it's alliterative, but they're more, so much more, but I know you already knew that.)

Moving on.

Anyway, you can call me Aurora, Rory, Triple A, or the damn Greek chorus for all I care because though there will be a lot of skull in this story, this isn't really about me. It's about John and Sherlock, and how Sherlock is messing up a perfectly good love story by being extremely Sherlocky.

Basically, this all started the night Doctor John H. Watson asked Mr. Sherlock Holmes to marry him.

     Chapter 3

To be continued. Of course. Soon even.

OMFG YOU CAN'T STOP THERE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
*flail* You utter brat! You beast! You pill!

Of course, I love you, but OMFG!

Needless to say I am enjoying the craptarts out of this and eagerly await more! MOAR!


Exactly the response one would hope for. I am loving trying to come up with little cliff-hangery endings for a chapter. Whee! Thank you for the shouting and flailing and stuff, my dear slash sister, it does a body good.

WTF? You. just. did. not... There better be another chapter by the time I refresh this page.

I believe you may have to pelt me with tiny bottles of lube or something, for there will not be another chapter for a day or two at least. Sorry. But cliffhangers are supposed to leave you hanging. That is what cliffhangers do! (Why did Moriarty's voice bust into my head just then...)

Skull is a she! Cool!!

And...oh! What a cliffhanger!

Finally someone who appreciates a cliffhanger! Some friends (who shall remain nameless) are not giving me the cliffhanger love, no they are not.


Oh, skull, Aurora, Rory - I know you'll get them sorted out! But please, keep talking!

(atlinmerrick, this is too much fun.)

Thank you! I hope it'll get funner. I think it will. A touch angsty (it is what Sherlocks do, as well we know), but lots of silliness I expect. It's really up to the folks who read, because Rory's going to be asking for help shortly and it's (hopefully) coming from you folks.


P.S. Thank you for the comment!

Aurora. Darling. I know you're attached to that tall drink of water, but - you and me? It could be gorgeous.


I hope you and Rory are exceedingly happy together. The sex will be....odd, but she's a great conversationalist, if distractible.

(Oh, and I'm so glad you wrote a sequel to Doppelgänger!)

(Deleted comment)
Goodness! I want -- I want more! D:

I was about to say "I want to read that story" but then I realized that if all goes as planned, I'm certain that we shall!

There will be more, lots more! I do not leave baby fics alone to pine away. I care for them until they grow big and strong and move away from home. Thanks for commenting!

Oh, you are so EVIL!!!!

How do you just stop there? After dropping that kind of bomb on us!!!?!?! I will be waiting here. With bated breath. And a coronary.

I am loving, absolutely loving the flailing I am getting from this cliffhanger. You are only encouraging my evil ways I tell you!

Oooh, and THEN what happened?

You'll know soon enough. Mooohahahahaha. *Sobering*

NO!nononononoNoooooooooooooo!You can't stop here.You're an evil person.

P.S.:You know what I mean:MORE.We want more.Because you are awesome.XD

P.P.S.:Aurora!I knew it.

As I said above, lovely flailing like this, and bandying of the word 'evil' only encourages me to try and think up future cliffhangers. Wheeeeee!

And when you say "you knew it" do you mean you knew she was a she? Because not one person called her a she in the comments for All That Glitters. Which frankly amazed me because she sure does talk like a lot of the Sherlock fandom I know! :-)

I already suggested an Oscar for The Skull over at your account. Now I humbly demand The Skull series.I am pretty sure my No.1 Skull hero could drop an embarassing (& highly funny) story or two (or 100) about the not-so-secret-(sex)life at Baker Street 221B.

The skull will be happy to accept an Oscar nod; please start the campaign for her nomination as soon as you can.

As for the sex life of the 221B boys, of course she's got stories. Which you shall hear plenty of soon. But of course.

Thanks for the comment!

muahaha, something like this was bound to happen. I smell major insecurity issues here :D

Excuse me while I sit patiently with Rory and wait for something to happen :D


You smell correctly, my dear ledasdaughter! But if we did not have insecure!Sherlock, we would probably not have half the stories in this fandom. So yay! *Cough* I mean gay!

Bloody hell, I can't even enjoy my honeymoon with my new spouse without having to keep an eye on what's going on back at home. I heard the squealing all the way from our seekrit hideaway (kindly provided by Mycroft) and thought to myself, "That level of noise could only have been caused by my mother-in-law writing new fic," and lo and behold when I checked ...

Honestly, Mum, stop tormenting the readers with cliffhangers. It's mean and nasty and evil ... and actually, now I come to think of it, it's bloody good fun! Keep it up!

But obviously this marriage thing is rubbing off on others. Hee! My spouse and I have clearly started something here.

Home soon. Do you want any souvenirs brought back?

Ariane Allthatglitters

Cliffhanger = "you're evil" = happy Atlin Merrick. I swear I did not know I had this seekrit evil in me, because I love the foot stompings of you daughter-in-law, and the other folks who are hating this cliffhanger.

Mooohahahaha! Maybe I won't update until the weekend. *Teehee*

*SquintingOffInTheDistance* Are those torches that crowd is lighting?

Anyway, get back to your new souse Ariane, nothing to see here....


Ms. Rory, tell us more! D:

Can't believe I only just saw this!

Oh, very clever you, I did indeed gasp (well, mentally :D) at the knowledge that the skull is, in fact, a girl. Makes sense I suppose :)

Also, I think you are very, very mean for leaving it there. I was like, oh hey, cool, new story, this is fun. Then I read the last line and all of a sudden I'm just OMG MOAR PLS NOW. I'm reduced to capslock and text-speak.

I only just put it up yesterday, so you saw it pretty quick-like! And yes, I am very mean and proud of it. I have enjoyed immensely the righteous outrage for my ending the chapter there. I must think up more cliff-hangers! Thank you for your comment. I shall now go off and work on chapter 3.


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