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Which 'Well Met' Please?
I'm giving away a copy of "The Night They Met," which comes out this autumn.

I'm doing that because I'm writing the book as we speak and want to take one of the Well Met AO3 stories and not only lengthen it, but tell what happens next — but do that in "The Night They Met." So, of all the Well Met tales, which should be expanded for the book do you think? Please tell!

The person with the most delicious reason why they picked the story they did gets the book for free (or "The Day They Met," which is out now).

I've opened the comments here to anonymous replies in case you don't have an account here. By 22 July 2015 do please tell me which "Well Met" needs expanding for inclusion in "The Night They Met," receive my gratitude and, quite possibly, a book. Thank you!

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I personally loved the one in the grocery store with Sherlock being a smart ass and John giving him "all" the attention. I would love to know what happened after John lost his rush of adrenalin, when we get to know if he had a date or not, why Sherlock was shopping in the first place, and if John can actually talk Sherlock all the way out of the store, out of his clothes and out of his mind.


"actually talk Sherlock all the way out of the store, out of his clothes and out of his mind"

That is so perfectly put. Thank you Scandiaca!

Thanks for your suggestion Scandiaca, I ended up picking a different "Well Met" story to expand, but this one I really thought about too. Thank you!

Well Met chapter

My personal favorite was Punch Drunk, Chapter 8. I wanna know more about how John supposedly regained consciousness while running. Also, how their relationship starts of in a total Sherlockian way is a really good way for then to meet and is also plausible (not that I'm saying that any of your other ways aren't).


Thanks for Fandomruler, I went with a different "Well Met" story to expand, but this one coulda worked too. Thank you for suggesting it!

I have been reading slowly, savoring the tales -- one a night at bedtime (most nights). I've made it up to "Make Love, Not ..." You had me at the title on that one, before I read the first word. (Says she who loves a love story and signs things with "peace," the one whose kids accuse her of being a hippie -- and who knows true hippies would be offended!) I love that they always respond so easily, so clearly to each other. But especially so, I think, in that one. It was impulse that led Sherlock to kiss John -- a virtual stranger then -- yet I'm sure it meant so much to John in that moment. And it can be hard enough for long-time friends to stay in touch when separated. Yet they forged a new friendship over a great distance -- not just in miles but in lifestyle, daily experiences. They should have had nothing to talk about, yet ... they do.

At the same time, I can more clearly imagine the "more" in that one than in some of the others. We know Sherlock found him, tracked him down. There's no doubt in my mind what followed. Though if you wanted to elaborate, I'm sure I'd love the details as only you can share them!

(I'm now imagining Sherlock as an anti-war protester, wanting John home safely. Imagining how pretty he'd be with flowers braided/twisted into his curls!) :-)

Thanks for Ms. Batik! I ended up going with "…He's My Brother," for inclusion in the new book, but I really like the idea of flowers in Sherlock's hair...Lovely!

As soon as I read this post I had no hesitation about which story I'd love to see expanded and continued: ...He's My Brother.
It was my favourite right form the start, because it also involves Mycroft, still employing him as a facilitator of Sherlock and John's relationship but this time a non-creepy one, and shows love and affection between the two brothers, something we see (or read about) quite rarely for obvious reasons. And last but not least because you mentioned one of my favourite spots in London: the steps that connect the Duke of York Memorial to the Mall ;)

Thank yooooou for letting me know which "Well Met" story you thought I should expand for The Night They Met, I agree that it should be "…He's My Brother."

Wheeeee! What a big help thank you! Now the big question is: Which book would you like me to send you? The Night They Met sometimes in October, or The Day They Met right now, pick either one, it's comin' to you for freeeeeeee!

Thank you Moonflower, thank you!

No,thank you, first of all for writing and sharing both in paper and online and also for the free copy!!!! Thank you so much, that's lovely and you have no idea how much I'm looking forward to see the story expanded!!!
Can I ask for you to sign the copy, or am I asking too much? 😊

Of course I'll sign it...but you've not said which book you want!

I'm so daft,sorry, you're right!I meant to ask for The Night They Met

Please wander over to and send me a message. I'll then give you my email so that I can find out where I send the book to and/or if you want electronic or paper!

It's such a hard decision because I love so man! I think I'd like to see more of Yeah, He's Always Like That. It would be interesting to see John come into it from a stronger position so to speak and how Sherlock would react to it.

Oh, that one's soooo silly and it'd be a delight to expand it but....I ended up going with "…He's My Brother." Thank you for your thoughts, thank you!

Ooh, what a nice reason to re-read them all! :D


"The Day They Met" is out NOW??
How do I get it?
Sorry to be lame. --Silvergirl

My first and only book, yes, it's been out since January! The follow up books (The Night They Met; The Six Secret Loves of Sherlock Holmes) are not out until Sept/Oct and maybe Dec.

Go here m'dear!

You can buy from me (I'll sign and include a few tiny London-esque items) or from (cheapest option because they don't charge shipping). Wheeeee!

Because I adore Greg and all things Mystrade, I have to say chapter 35, Wingman, because it's a subtle take on Greg and Mycroft underlying Sherlock's total adorable cluelessness concerning social interaction and relationships. I found the 'line' "what's a wingman?" So damn funny somehow. It deserves a bit more expansion, a bit more Greg proving ýet again how much patience he has, how caring he is and how selfless in the face of Mycroft's brother.
I forgot to add that characters such as Greg and Mycroft also give you a way to show your readers a different perspective on Sherlock and John. Why was John there, for instance? Does Mycroft already know him?

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Ah, almost went with this one but Mystrade is very much BBC fandom and the book needs to be a bit more generic than that so I went for "…He's My Brother." I did like the idea of this one so much though, because I love the wingwomen and wingmen, thank you Jessie!

I've really tried to choose a story for you to expand but I just can't! Every chapter I go "this one", then I read the next and think the same! I'm looking forward to the result, whichever story you choose - good luck!

You darling. I ended up going for "…He's My Brother," but you are most kind!

I won't get the free book because I don't have delicious reasons, I have serious ones because this is important stuff! Look, I have my serious face and everything. So, I took a look at the series again (oh the chore) and I picked three stories that I think could suit, because they have an interesting backstory that you could expand on.

It's Of Note (Sherlock and loneliness), That Holmes Guy (Sherlock and pain, maybe Sherlock and drugs?) and A Shot in the Arm (Sherlock and fear). Only the last one is explicitely pre-slash but the others are not explicitely non-pre-slash, so...

On the other hand, maybe I talk nonsense and this is a very bad choice but never mind, I did my duty here! :D

Oooo, these are all good, especially "Of Note," could work really well. But you can't win a free book because you're already getting a free book. Because your wonderful. So there.

My immediate response was "Stop. Over." because that is one of the best BEST BEST stories and I love it so much. I could read pages and pages of what happened after the airport. I just noticed it was pulled from this collection (I have your book and was glad to see it there, slightly changed), but gah this is just another opportunity to tell you how much I love that story.

ANYWAY. This is a tough call because there are so many good ones to choose from! I narrowed it down to "Blind Date" and "A Shot in the Arm" and after some thought, I'm going with Blind Date.

John's retort to Sherlock dismissal after Sherlock deduces John is not gay is what made me choose this story:

"Just out for a fuck then are you? Have enough friends you can't imagine making more? Well bully for you, mister, what a tender world yours must be."

Oh, I am all about John and Sherlock out for a fuck (with each other, mind), but at the heart of their relationship is their fantastic friendship and so I would love to know how that develops after their first coffee.

(I'm thetimemoves on Tumblr)

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Thank you Write_Out, I think I decided that I'm going with "…He's My Brother," though "A Shot in the Arm" felt very possible too. Thank you very much for such a wonderfully detailed comment!

That's a wonderful story too and so I look forward to seeing more of it!

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