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Atlin Merrick's (alias Wendy) Sherlock Fics

Hello, I'm publishing on AO3 now, no longer here.
If you need an AO3 invite, ask me on my
Tumblr or Twitter. Thank you! - Atlin

Half-Cocked (Chapter 4 up now) (Complete)
Sherlock looked at the things glistening on the table. So this was something John was into. Sherlock was unsurprised. John had been extensively bedded. It didn't take a deductive genius to figure out that a man with a wide sexual experience would like to experience many…wide things. Sherlock, however, was pretty sure he didn't like the things glistening on the table. Then again... (Humor/Romance) (NC-17)

Well Met (in progress; probably forever; all chapters stand alone) "A Shot in the Arm" up now
There's no place or time in which John Watson and Sherlock Holmes wouldn't have met. If it hadn't been St. Bart's it would have been somewhere else. But where? And how? Here are some other ways that most legendary of partnerships might have begun. (Humor/Love) (PG to R)

Minutiae (Or 156 Things I Know About You) (in progress; probably forever; all chapters stand alone) chapter 50 up now
Here, in no particular order, are some of the things John has learned about Sherlock, and some of the things Sherlock has learned about John. In the end there will be 156 mundane and unusual facts for each of them. (Humor/Sex) (PG to R)

Limb From Limb (Complete)
For John Watson it was worth a wound, it was worth many wounds, to know the depth of loyalty and love which lay behind those sharp, grey eyes. *Warning for brief violence and homophobia* (Angst/Love) (NC-17)

Hair Raising (Complete)
What do John and Sherlock do when medication side-effects leave Sherlock with extremely sensitive follicles and a desire to experiment? What do you think they do? Have a sort of remote control sex of course... (Humor/Sex) (NC-17)

The First Time... (Complete)
There's a first time for every thing, for every little thing. Here are stand-alone tales about the first time Sherlock and John had sex in public; the first time Sherlock set his privates on fire; the first time Greg met Mycroft...and so much more. (Humor/Sex) (G to NC-17)

Bits and Pieces and Drabbles (in progress; all chapters stand alone) Next Story: Sharp
Sherlock and John in wee little dribs and drabs. Short bits of fiction, prompt fills for friends, 221Bs, or just little stories that don't want to grow up to be big stories. (Humor/Sex) (G to NC-17)

Somnophilia (While You Were Sleeping) (Complete)
Sherlock did it to John that way only once. Once, however, was more than enough. Because when you've got a brain like Sherlock Holmes, you can take once and you can take it apart... (Consensual/Humor/Sex) (NC-17)

Long Time Coming (Complete)
Get John and Sherlock engaged they said. It'll be fun they said... Yes, well the first 'incident' occurred six days, eleven hours, and forty-two minutes before they got married; the last about twenty seconds before they walked down the aisle. What happened in between even I don't quite believe. I'm Aurora Aurelia Abbington, the skull on the mantle, and I have another story to tell. Are you ready? Are you? Please, someone has to be. (Sex/Humor) (NC-17)

Wee Tumblr Fics (Complete)
Tiny 300 words stories about John and Sherlock that I publish each week on Tumblr. (G to NC-17)

A Little Birdie Told Me (Complete)
Silly stories and serious based off great tweets by the writers, directors, producers, or actors of Sherlock (Tweets? A little birdie told me? Get it? Cough.) If you unearth any you think wonderful, please share! (Humor/Sex) (PG to NC-17)

A Fit of Pique: Vexation, Umbrage, and Discontent (all chapters stand alone; in progress, probably forever) Vexation: Power Princess
They are little girls, all three. They started as a joke between John and Sherlock, a tease, a taunt, a fit of pique while they argued about empathy and erections. But over the years Vexation, Umbrage, and Discontent grew, like children always do... (Humor/Family) (G to PG)

This Time No (Forgiveness) (Complete)
It was Sherlock's fault. It usually is. And though he'll ask forgiveness for what he's done, for the very first time John will say, "This time no, Sherlock. This time, never." And maybe, just maybe, John Watson is going to mean it. (Angst/Drama; includes a few chapters of self-harm.) (NC-17)

Sherlock Advent Calendar 2012 (Complete)
Bare-bottomed boys, petulant skulls, public eye sex, marriage proposals...just another Advent for the boys of 221B. (Humor/Sex) (NC-17)

Sherlock Advent Calendar 2011 (Complete)
Terrible Christmas cards, sexual congress in the cold, phone foreplay, jumper romance, a sexy swagger with a side of pistol whipping, squidbabies, nipple tassles, and resolutions…what did the boys not get up to during 2011 Advent? (Humor/Sex) (NC-17)

The Heat of Healing (Complete)
Fibrin. Collagen. Plasma. Blood. Crutches. Canes. Plasters. Slings. For a little while this might have been the damn tone poem for 221B. There was a brief, strange period early in their first year when one man, the other, or both were hurt, half-healed, or tending the other's wounds. And it was wonderful. (Romance/Drama/Painplay.) (R)

Feeding Sherlock (in progress; also probably forever; all chapters stand alone) chapter 14 up now
Sherlock habitually starved himself of everything: Food, sleep, sex. Fortunately John finally figured out how to get Sherlock to eat. To want to eat. To absolutely, damn well love it. (Humor/Sex) (NC-17)

Mehndi (Complete)
Frankly it was the mehndi swirled all over Sherlock's half-bare body that gave John pause. Lots of dry-mouthed pause. And a desire to take the Camden Market case. Right. Now. (Humor/Sex) (NC-17)

I'll Give You F****** Fluffy (Complete)
. That's what the old Scotland Yard vet had called John. Fluffy. Well John Watson-Holmes is not fluffy, damn it. And he's going to prove it with some wall-slamming, hell-yes, super-duper aggressive sex with the mister. That'll show them. Oh hell yeah. (Humor/Sex) (NC-17)

How to Kill John Watson, Easy Peasy (Complete)
You don't need a McMillan Tac-50 with telescopic sight to take John Watson out. All you'll require to dispatch Dr. Watson quickly, cleanly and easy peasy is this: One riding crop + patent-black stilettos + lisp + Sherlock Holmes. (Humor/Sex) (NC-17)

Jerk (Complete)
Sherlock is drunk. John is not. Regent's Park is empty. And it's a Tuesday. "So are you going to wank for me John Hamish Watson-Holmes?" The man so named thought about the answer briefly, then replied. "Yes, my espoused, I do believe I am." (Humor/Sex) (NC-17)

Shhhhhh! (Complete)
Their trousers were at their ankles, the library was quiet, and John's motivation was clear: For every multi-syllable word he used correctly, Sherlock would reward him with one balls-deep thrust. Quick…what's a six syllable word for oh-dear-god-yes? (Humor/Sex) (NC-17)

Narcissus (Complete)
Sherlock's got laryngitis. John decides to soothe his poor wheezy sweetie. Of course he does. It's entirely natural for him to do so with a little sexing. Of course it is. Making love to his lover whispering sweet, sweet nothings to him…in his own voice. (Humor/Sex) (NC-17, John/Sherlock)

Tooth & Nail (Complete)
John Watson, doctor, ex-soldier, tiny tyrant, and extreme dental phobe is stoned. Rat-arsed. High as a horny kite. And if he doesn't stop dancing on the coffee table he's going to do himself a serious mischief. Yet it seems the only way to get John off the coffee table is to, um, get John off. Obviously. (Humor/Sex) (NC-17, John/Sherlock)

The Blown Fuse (Complete)
The entire idea of Sherlock is noise. He's six feet of sassy retort, seventy-two and one half inches of verbal brimstone. In short, the man is mostly mouth. So why, why, why was his silence now filling the cold room with heat? (Humor/Sex) (NC-17, John/Sherlock)

Empathy (Complete)
John would like Sherlock to take an empathy test. Sherlock does not want to take an empathy test. John...does things. Sherlock relents. The results surprise...some. (Super amazing bonus: The names of their non-existent children revealed!) (Humor/Sex) (PG-13, John/Sherlock)

Whipping Boy (Complete)
After John hit him, Sherlock got hard. What a surprise. Of course it'd been an accident, of course John had apologized profusely, and of course that had been the end of that. Except it hadn't, god no. Consensual riding crop violence. Sex/Angst/Humor) (NC-17, John/Sherlock)

Suck (Complete)
It was unquestionably the most pornographic thing John had ever done, and yet it was as quiet and gentle as god damn kittens. Something happens during John and Sherlock's unexpected vacation. Other than food poisoning. And a possible aneurysm. (Humor/Sex) (NC-17, John/Sherlock)

Voice Over (Complete)
Sherlock is maaaad at John. So mad he's not speaking to him. As in not speaking. Did you hear that part? About Sherlock? Being silent? Do you know how hard that is for him? But it's fine. It's all fine. Because John's going to talk for both of them. He's going to relate. Discuss. Describe. John's going to f***ing narrate everything. Humor/Sex) (NC-17, John/Sherlock)

Look at What the Met Dragged In (Complete)
“No offense Sherlock, but John and I are a lot more rough round the edges than you are. You’d have made a much prettier girl.” Sherlock’s long, painted fingers ran slowly up one long leg, tugging the wrinkles from his black hose. “True…” (Humor/Sex) (PG, John/Sherlock)

Shave and a Haircut (Complete)
"Sherlock, let me shave you." That's how it starts. What happens next involves a straight razor, 20 questions, and some very creative foreplay. (Sex/Humor/Angst) (NC-17, John/Sherlock)

Sacrilege (Complete)
"Face the other side of the confessional brother John." Dear god John's dreams never go the way they're supposed to though, heaven help him, not for lack of trying. And this one? This one is sending him straight to hell. (Humor/Sex/Religion Treated Lightly) (NC-17, John/Sherlock)

Four Shame, Sherlock (Complete)
It’s possible Sherlock may feel no shame. At all. Ever. John’s still not absolutely sure about this, which is why the good doctor enjoys testing his lover’s limits—well, his sexual limits—seeing exactly how far he’s willing to go. (Humor/Sex) (NC-17, John/Sherlock)

Wet Dream (Complete)
John Watson also performs experiments. Of course he does. Why should the fabled Sherlock Holmes get all the fun? Mostly, John experiments on Sherlock. Actually the only experiments John does are on Sherlock. While Sherlock's sleeping. Only while Sherlock's sleeping. The results can be...wet. (Humor/Sex) (NC-17, John/Sherlock)

Skullduggery (Complete)
The skull speaks! "It all started after I died. Life was good; it was me and Sherlock, Sherlock and me. For eight years we had a great thing going, we understood each other, we were simpatico. And then he showed up." (Sex/HurtComfort/Humor) (NC-17, John/Sherlock) (Also available in Danish!)

All That Glitters (Complete)
So. John and Sherlock. Sherlock and John. Getting together. Romantically. How'd it all start, anyway? Well, essentially it was Gary Glitter's fault, and you can take that to the bank. (Humor/Sex) (NC-17, John/Sherlock)

When Fact Meets Fiction (Complete)
What happens when a figment, a fiction, meets his father, a living, breathing man? (Humor/No Sex) (PG, Benedict/Sherlock -- Respectful; restrained; no sex -- and yet a bit hot.)

Nail Me (Complete)
A story wherein we borrow one infinitely charming characteristic of Benedict Cumberbatch, and give it to Sherlock, while at the same time eventually finding a reason to get on with some sex by way of two manicures and maybe a pedicure. Total fluff. (Humor/Sex) (NC-17, John & Sherlock)

The Catalyst (Complete)
If the Sherlock we imagine existed—the sweet one who is tender to John—I think a fight like what follows would eventually have to happen, what with John seeing how kind Sherlock can be, yet witnessing daily how awful he often chooses to be instead. Lestrade said Sherlock was a great man, someday he might even be a good one; while Mycroft thinks John could be the making of his brother. I think John will be Sherlock's catalyst for change, change for the better, but it's going to hurt along the way. This is how I'm imagining it starts. Don't worry, it ends well. It ends very, very sexy and quite fluffy actually. (Sex/HurtComfort/Angst) (NC-17, John/Sherlock)

Black & Blue (Complete)
Why do so many of us love hurting our lovely Sherlock? Whether that thought intrigues you, it's certainly on the mind of John Watson. A doctor who has started to do things to his lover he never, ever thought he'd do. (Consensual riding crop violence and sex NC-17, John/Sherlock)

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I have decided i love you. I have read all your fics so far and have absolutely ogled over them. You are amazing never stop writing, because i fear without your sherlock fanfics my heart may stop. Ohh have you got any tips on writing fanfic's i was thinking about giving it a shot. Thank you x

And I have decided you have charm oozing from your every pore. Thank you for the compliment! :-D

I'm a writer by profession, so I honestly won't ever stop writing, but thank you for encouraging me.

And my advice to you: Just write if you want to be a writer. When I first started I sucked so hard. But you suck less and less the more you write. As for writing fanfic in particular, especially slash, write for the characters that turn you on, and have them *do* what turns you on! Easy peasy!

Thank you for the advise. And you can have all the compliments in the world. What other stuff do you write? < I am very interested. :)

I write articles on pet health, people health, personal finance, high-tech. I also write short stories, a few of which I've had published.

So what are you interested in writing?

I like writing short novels, but i don't think i could write a large one. I quite like writing about books aswell like doing reviews on them. I love fiction, but most the time my ideas end up dead or i end up getting to carried away and writing crap. I'd love to be a writer but i don't think i could hack it :(

Keep writing. Seriously. Everyone really, really, really stinks at this when they first start. It's embarrassing how much you just suck at the beginning. But a miracle really does happen: You find your voice and you START GETTING BETTER. Much better. So much better that you write something, come back to it two weeks later maybe, and you look and think, "Wow, who wrote tha--oh crap, I wrote that!

So if you want to write, write!

I will. I'm going to write. Thank you <3

YES! Go forth and be writerly!

Oh bless you for this menu of treats! I think I may have fallen in love somewhere around the first notes of Rock and Roll Part 2 and haven't looked back.

Woohoo! Thank you. I hope you enjoy the treats...isn't falling in love delicious? :-P

Thought you'd like to know your writing brings me a lot of joy. You have a fantastic writer's voice and your fic is always fun, sexy, and full of heart. I never fail to make a little squeak of glee whenever I see you've posted a new chapter and I just wanted to say thanks :)

Well you have made me make a little squeak of glee with this comment. Thank you for taking the time to let me know you like my stories. It makes it sooooooooo much more fun to write them! You are a gem.

P.S. More "Minutiae" coming tonight, I hope you enjoy!

I've probably commented enough on your stories over the past couple of days, but I saw that on you reviewed 'We All Float On' by Inclination, who is incidentally my RL friend who I beta for, and I wondered if you knew that she has LJ too - inclination_fic - and because you are both awesome, and amazing at fanfiction writing, I think you should know each other! XD

I am doing research for my university thesis, thanks for your great points, now I am acting on a sudden impulse.

SHOOT I CAUGHT UP. ......dang, now what >>;

Wow are you good for the ego.

Er, I'm about to post a 221B. That's 221 more words at least. :-) Day after tomorrow chapter two of "Shave and a Haircut" goes up. Or another "Minutiae."

Goodness. You just motored through, didn't you? I feel like happy dancing again...

Am going to go post that 221B right now.

Aw, you make my day.

Even if the laughing turns into coughs you couldn't take that smile off my face.

Just don't rush for the sake of getting stuff out there and lose the quality we've come to expect, ok?

"You can't romance a bruise onto pale flesh, or kiss teeth marks onto a neck. You have to bite, strike, scratch." - seriously, how do you do it? Every.single.story is delicious. Well done you.

Thank you, you!

As for how I do it, my only explanation is two words, one gesture: Space aliens. *Shrug*

Thanks for reading and for commenting!

I'm friending you. I found you through a rec site for the Voice Over fic and I really needed something to distract me from school panic. So thank you for that and thank you for some ggnnnff lovely fic. *sets pompoms down*

Porn to counteract school panic—is there nothing porn can not do? I shall answer that for you: No! Never!

I'm glad John and Sherlock are helping you combobulate your brain and cope. I promise to keep writing stories for them.

Good luck!

I'll definitely be coming back to read the rest. I'm sure Dr. Watson would proscribe stress relief now and then? :) Thank you!

I've just discovered your work, and am running through it as quickly as a can. (Damn you, RL!) Everything I've read is fantastically voiced and paced, and hot as hell, to boot. The emotional overtones are note perfect, too. Thank you for all your efforts!

You are brilliantly sweet and kind and lovely. I'm so glad you've liked what you've read and gladder still you took the time to tell me. Thank you!

And I echo this sentiment times eleventy: DAMN YOU REAL LIFE. Who let that thing in here anyway?


Okay. So. Long story short, I have fairly severe OCD. It manifests itself as a series of tics that range from harmless (counting, obsessive evenness, throat clearing ) to very destructive (self harm, pulling my own hair out, etc).


I've recently discovered a SURE FIRE way to shut my brain up and calm my tics down is the pure, unadulterated joy of fanfiction, and nothing does it quite like yours. I was told to find a distraction and FIND ONE I DID.


So I'd like to thank you, for writing some of the best, hottest, most distracting Johnlock I've ever come across. My skin and hair and brain are forever in your debt. <3


I feel very sweary about this comment of yours VictorianVulgar! Very sweary indeed.

Which is to say happy god damn sweary and thrilled damn sweary and hell and hello, thank you for taking the time to tell me this. Because this? It's glittery and rainbow-y and unicorny and whatever else sparkly you can think of that says just one thing:


And also, again, thank you.

You are extremely welcome (although I think my boyfriend might be a little bit jealous of the little squeaky noises I make whilst I read).

Ah, there's an app for that. Er, there's a solution to that. Start getting inspiration from the porn you're reading. Ahem. Yes indeed.

Good luck with that. And with everything. I hope I can always be part of your management solution!

I absolutely love your fics! I have called in sick to work for the past two days, the first time I've been home in months, and just READ! Yours, my lovely, are the first Johnlock fics that I have read and I just love them so much, it almost hurts! Keep writing, please, for without your witty writings, my god, I don't know what I would do!

How divine of you to take the time to tell me you like what I do! I'm so happy you've enjoyed what you've read—any fics you've liked in particular?

I promise you I will keep writing. I couldn't stop if you paid me!

P.S. If you have any little topics you'd want to see covered in "Minutiae" or "The First Time" send 'em on. I can't promise I will use them, but I am always looking for ideas!

Thank you again!

Hey this is kamerer220 from archiveofourown, hope you don't mind me friending you on lj.

I would be delighted if you friend me, thank you!

Sorry, but really slow at understanding all the clicky buttons. (must have been Ludite in last life,carried over.*sigh*)

Would it be alright if I hit the Friend Button?
Have to ask first.(Momma stressed manners ,would come back as zombie to slap back of my head if I didn't ask first.)

My very dear, it is fine manners to ask, thank you. Do please please friend me, it would make me happy!

Hello, and a quick apology in advance for such a long comment.

I finished reading your Minutiae story (in about four days, mind you, and only so long because of blasted work) and I am full on addicted. I saw you said you'd be posting here (of which I have never ventured) and thought I'd take a look. Well, you'll be happy to know (or rather I'd assume you'd be happy to know) that I ended up reading each and every story, falling in love all over again...and again....and again.

I've been wanting to contact you for a little while (mostly just to say hi to such a fascinating plot-conjurer) to suggest a few plot-bunnies that have hopped their way into my brain upon reading your genius and have refused to leave unless in your care.

1) I've noticed how almost every time John tries to eat, Sherlock has them up and running before he's even half finished. So I propose this:
The military taught John to eat efficiently; being with Sherlock taught him to eat quickly

2) There have been times when John has to interpret for Sherlock and others when he has to excuse the taller's behavior, but the most interesting moments are when he speaks on Sherlock's behalf, usually during those bouts of silences he's rather prone to (or if he thinks the conversation partner too dimwitted to be granted the honor of his full attention), and while John knows he should feel like the puppeteer, he can't help but feel it's Sherlock who has his hand up John's puppet to speak.

3) Of the few times John and Sherlock separated while out and/or left the flat at separate times, Sherlock didn't return home for most of them, far too enthralled with something or other to be bothered to return before he has everything sorted all nice and neat like, and John knows this about the man so has no need to fret. But of those even fewer times Sherlock returned before John--because he just couldn't hail a cab or Mycroft "requested" an audience once again--Sherlock came as close to panic as any Holmes is able.

4) The one time Sherlock refused John sex was when John had been drugged on a case (as if that hadn't pissed Sherlock off enough) with an aphrodisiac (I would suggest bremelanotide) making John crave sex. What turns Sherlock off is that HE'S not the one who got John in such a state.

I hope you find these to your liking and am anxiously awaiting to see if they find their way into your brilliantly written stories in some shape or form. I was, at first, going to suggest they make an appearance in Minutiae (which, by the way, I am rereading the Sherlock Holmes novels and just saw that word used by none other than John himself commenting on Sherlock:

"You have an extraordinary genius for minutiae." --John H. Watson, 'The Sign of Four'

...nearly squealed), but I have long since seen that no matter what you do with them (if you do anything at all), it will be sheer brilliance.

Thank you for the very enjoyable reads and I look forward to reading much more of your work.



Oh Amber, what a lovely comment, all eleventy billion wonderful words of it! First, I'm delighted you like "Minutiae," it's one of my favorite things to write—and I need to update it! Second, all your prompts are fantastic, and I'm adding them to my (every growing) list of prompts for that story (or any other they might wriggle their way in to).

"You have an extraordinary genius for minutiae." --John H. Watson, 'The Sign of Four'

THANK YOU FOR THIS QUOTE. It makes me happy. As does your lovely, lovey comment. Thank you!

Is it wrong that I have two more that I would give anything to see you write if only because of your fall-to-the-floor my-side-is-now-in-stitches-thank-you-very-much humor and brilliant sense of drama when its needed? Well, if it is, I bloody well don’t want to be right. Ever.

1) It is said that most become exhausted after coitus (and for good reason…most of the time……if done right). However there are a select few who become energized by the action, the endorphins and adrenalin becoming nothing short of a high. I’m not sure why, but I see dear Dr. Watson being of the former and precious Mr. Holmes being of the latter (perhaps even especially so while in the middle of a case, his chemically-flooded brain far more open to some of the more bizarre scenarios). Just a passing thought. Could be amusing.

2) There has been many a time when John has had to patch up Sherlock, whether it is from an experiment gone wrong, or his rather dangerous and often tenacious activities while giving chase or other such doings on a case. But what about that time when it was John who was injured and it suddenly landed on Sherlock’s shoulders to patch the good doctor? What if it was beyond Sherlock’s knowledge of first aide and dear John had to walk Sherlock through step by step?
If you wish to delve further into an interesting character trait of one John Watson (located more toward the beginning of their relationship), one could assume that he tried to fix himself (his military mentality coming out to play rather recklessly), and it’s Sherlock who has to remind him that he is not alone anymore.

I hope these find you well, and I have very much enjoyed reading ‘Wee Tumblr Fics’. I loved them all and especially adored ‘I prefer to text,’ ‘Paddington Bear,’ ‘Bad John,’ and of course ‘Blue.’

Can’t wait to read more!


jesus fucking christ i want to make love to your fics. and there's so much here, i will probably be johnlocked for weeks. good god.

Do you mean to leave such succinct, quote-worthy comments, or is it just an innate gift? Because I of course read this out to the room in general, swearing included.

Thank you.

oh, just so you know, i have dubbed thee "my favourite person on the internet" hehehe and you really are!

How lovely are you? Um, thank you! It is very nice to be someone's favourite! I feel like I should have a wee small badge or something. I would put it next to my 221B pin.

Thank you again, that was a sweet thing to say!

Oh Atlin. I have been remiss, I have been ungrateful, I have been a lurker.

For weeks, I have being falling in love with John and Sherlock being in love, as penned by you. I just got back to All That Glitters and oh what a perfect beginning. I have loved their bees and lisps, their daughters real and better-than-real, their crap telly and kitchen floor, their Rory, their Lizzie, their heavenly depravity.

You take the brilliance of the BBC and improve on it by being slashy, endearing, and maybe best of all _prolific_. So, so much goodness to wallow around in!

Forgive my failure to share my appreciation! I offer amends-making haiku:

atlin's fanfiction
and three beers: glorious use
of saturday night

And also: Fanfiction begetting fanfiction, you have inspired me to write. What fun! Thank you. You. Are. Divine.

May I give you all the win, every last bit of the internets, gay unicorns, and a god damn boatload of glitter for the fine wonder that is this comment? May I do that?

I thank you for this times eleventy, and I'm delighted that you love their falling in love because damn it I love it too. So much so that I appear to have tipped over into sweary; go figure.

Now if you'll excuse me, I'm going to tuck this fine comment into the Epic Comments folder I have and I'm going to get the win and the unicorns and all the rest off to you post haste.

Thank you, my dear, thank you.

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